Please contact me to discuss potential orders, especially as some images are more suitable than others for making very large prints.  My phone number and email address:

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At the foot of each image in the Gallery is a “More Information” link that includes technical specifications, camera used (Nikon or Mamiya) and some background on the shot.  Simply email or call me with the print name or number you want and I will email you an invoice.  Prints take up to two weeks to arrive.
Prices are listed below for prints and shipping in map tubes via USPS Priority Mail, or via UPS or FedEx upon request.  Length or width of the print may vary slightly, depending on the camera (Nikon or Mamiya) used to make the image, as noted.  Prints can be cropped upon request, and slight cropping at the artist’s discretion may be required for certain sizes, for the same price.

Print size in inches Print price Shipping
 5×7 greeting card (three)           $27, set of 3 per image                         $3
8×12 (Nikon) or 8×10 (Mamiya) $30 $5
10×15 (Nikon) or 11×14 (Mamiya) $65 $5
12×18 (Nikon) $75 $5
16×24 (Nikon) or 16×20 (Mamiya) $240 $10
20×30 (Nikon) or 20×27 (Mamiya) $340 $10

Larger Prints:   Some images can also be purchased in the following sizes:

Print size in inches Print price Shipping
 24×36 (Nikon) or 24×32 (Mamiya)                               $440                               $15
27×40 (Nikon) or 27×36 (Mamiya) $540 $15
30×40 (Mamiya) $580 $15
 (Please call for larger sizes)  (Variable)  (Variable)

All prints 16×20 and larger are catalogued, titled and signed, and the print number is recorded by the artist.

Payment Options:  Email or call me for the print(s) and sizes you want.  An itemized invoice will be emailed to you, and you can either purchase the prints on-line with credit card or PayPal, or print the invoice and mail it back to me with a check written to Mike Walsh Photos.

Return Policy:  If you are not satisfied with a purchase, return the print within 90 days for a full refund.

Discounts:  If you buy 3 or more prints larger than 5×7, I offer a 10% discount on the price of the prints.

About the Prints:  All prints are museum-quality with archival inks on professional, acid-free eSatin 300g, semi-matte, resin-coated photography paper, which provides the best balance between texture, sharpness, color saturation, and scratch-resistance. (All-cotton textured paper, especially suitable for larger prints, is available upon request.)  All prints have a half-inch white border to facilitate framing, titling and signing.

Buy Electronic Images:  Images are also available in electronic form for a fee of $100, but only upon the artist’s permission for a specific image, given as: “Rights Granted: One Time, Three Years, nonexclusive.”
All images in this website (except one as noted) Copyright © 2022 Mike Walsh Photos, All Rights Reserved.


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