Joshua Trees


Image No. JTNP0101: Joshua Trees.  Nov. 6, 2015.  Nikon D7000, 18-200mm VR lens, 38mm, f/16, ⅓ sec., ISO 100.  Image specs: 4928 × 3264 pixels, 3.5 MB file size.

Joshua Tree National Park at sunset.  The park was so crowded that all campgrounds were full and I had to leave the park to find a free spot to camp on BLM land off Box Canyon Rd., south of Interstate Highway 10.  Being so close to Riverside, San Bernardino and Los Angeles, cars (including a Bentley) were constantly passing and parking in the park, and people from all walks of life were crawling over the rocks at all the main attractions like Skull Rock Nature Trail.  So, I had to leave the trail and bushwhack to find my last Joshua Tree shot before the setting sun disappeared.  It was my last shot in the park.

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