Devil’s Canyon


Image No. BNRA0102: Devil’s Canyon.  Oct. 2014.  Mamiya 645AFD, 35mm.  Image specs: 4475 × 3375 pixels, 45.3 MB file size.

Devil’s Canyon Overlook, just north of the Wyoming-Montana border, was the best view in the whole of Bighorn National Recreation Area.  I had scoped it out the previous evening and planned this shot.  When I arrived before sunrise there was a herd of pronghorn antelope grazing, about a dozen of them.  They didn’t bolt when I arrived, and I parked silently in the middle of the parking lot and carefully stepped out and dropped to the ground with my camera, trying to take their picture.  The chief pronghorn among them froze and stared at me as I crawled slowly closer, until he finally pranced away, and the others followed before I could get a good shot.  At least my planned shot of the canyon worked out.

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